There is a problem that is spreading all over the world.  The problem is what you read, write, and speak.  In other words, our problem is English.  English is the result of word expansion, contraction, and modifications from every other dialect and language in the world.  I call it a bunch of crap that was thrown against the wall and whatever stuck came to be known as English.  Inspect and recognize what I’m about to show.

When you call someone “nice,” is that a good thing?  If a boy is called “bad” does that make him tough?  Is “fun” equal to a wonderful time?  Does being “fond” of a person mean that you like them?  If one is “sad” does that mean they are depressed?  To each of these I say ABSOLUTELY NOT!  I was never taught in any school that, if I wanted to know the real meaning of a word, I must find the brackets, or square parentheses, like these [ ] and read EVERY SINGLE THING INSIDE.

Now, that you know what to look for in the dictionary, the real definitions of the quoted words above are listed below as follows:

1.    “Nice” = stupid, foolish, ignorant, unwise, and not knowing
2.    “Bad” = an effeminate, or womanish man
3.    “Fun” = to befool, fond
4.    “Fond” = to be foolish, a fool
5.    “Sad” = satisfied, full, have enough

So, when you open your mouth, what are you really saying?  What frequency are you vibrating unto the swirling ethers?  Our oppressor speaks with fork tongue.

The Nazi German Jewish Christian European Alliance of Austria’s Holy Roman Empire, also known as the German Confederation, decided in Virginia whether the language to force on the conquered autochthonous people, on America, would be German, or a new concoction called English.  English was chosen.  As a result, the opposition is still ruling the world today and English is probably one of the primary reasons why.  This is due to the fact that since we currently speak their language, then we speak with forked tongue too.

There is MAGIC AND POWER IN SPEECH.  The darker one is, or the more melanin one has, the more magic and power in the speech!  We get what we ask for.  Ask and ye shall receive.  It is said that in the beginning was the word.  Since English was NOT (and IS NOT) our word, then it was the official beginning of our end.  My people speak English, but do not know English.  We rarely know the real meaning of the words we utter.  It is this lack of knowledge that destroys my people, because English is a “SPELL that causes us to curse ourselves and empower our oppressor.  English, which is Anglo-ish, is their word, not ours.

To modify the SPELL, there are keys that must first be known about the term “Spell.”  “Spell” is the same as “spelian,” and means “to be substitute for.”  “Spell” also means a “tale” and A MAGIC FORM OF WORDS.   A “tale” is a fib, falsehood, and speech.  These definitions all came from the Random House College Dictionary 1973 edition.

The 1956, edition of The Columbia Encyclopedia has very revealing data on the word “Spell.”  It defines “spell” as “A WORD FORMULA.”  It further states that once a spell has been cast, it remains in force until broken by a counter spell, or an “exorcism!”  The term “Exorcism” is the key that opens the door to the way out.  It is a counter spell.  Before I clarify the word exorcism, I must first show how deep the spell goes.

The spell begins immediately upon arrival to this planet.  Depending on your perspective that might mean the moment you were conceived.  Once a child is out of the womb and walking, one of the first words the child learns is “No!”  The word “No” is the name of one of the gods called the Forgotten Ones.  The Magician’s Dictionary by E.E. Rehmus is a very revealing source for this type of data.  It reveals that “No” is the name of quiet erasing and saying it erases the name of the utterer.

The spell continues in Kindergarten when we learn the alphabet.  Most people are unaware that each letter is a complete word, color, number, frequency, tone, vibration, entity, and sound.  The spell is complete by the time we master the vowels A.E.I.O.U. in the first grade.  These vowels are arranged to form an acronym for a very powerful spell that is the Motto of Emperor Frederick III of the Hapsburg/Habsburg family (their key strategy was to marry into power).  This particular word formula is counterproductive to my people.

In Latin it reads “Austriae Est Imperare Orbi Universo.”   It means, “It is Austria’s destiny to rule the World.”  In German it reads “Alles Erdreich Ist Oesterreich Unterthan.”  It means, “The whole World is subjected to Austria.”  This can be verified in Amo, Amas, Amat, and More by Eugene Ehrlich.

Remember again, that ONCE A SPELL HAS BEEN CAST IT REMAINS IN FORCE UNTIL BROKEN BY A COUNTERSPELL, OR AN EXORCISM!  The exorcism is the Most profound thing I have figured out, so get your dictionary and pay attention.  Look in the brackets, and flow with me.  The Random House College Dictionary defines “exorcism” as the administration of an oath and directs the reader to see “exorcise.”  “Exorcise” is ex + horkizein.  “Horkizein” means to cause (someone) to swear, or bind oneself to, an oath.  So, “Exhorkizein” is to ex-swear, or unbind oneself from, an oath.  “Oath” means far more than most people realize.  “Oath” is defined in the same dictionary as an irreverent, or blasphemous use of the name of god, or anything sacred.

“Blasphemous” means profane speech.  “Profane” is pro + fane.  “Fane” means church, or temple.  So, to speak pro-church, or pro-temple is blasphemous.  Surprise!  We have been had!  We must STOP blabbing about (and glorifying) churches and temples.  Now, with the other word in oath, we get to the REAL DEAL last key to get out of this mess we are in.  “IRREVERENT” is “ir + reverent” and it means Not reverent.  “Reverent” is rever + ent and reverse + ent.  We need to rever, revere, reverse, reveret, and do a REVERSION!  “Verse” means left and turn.  This is another way of saying WE MUST SANKOFA, OR GO BACK!  To “revert” is to turn back, especially to former thought, habit, and practice of those that were prime (first).  This will revert things back to the former owners and their posterity, progeny, or heirs, which is us!

“Reversion” is defined as the reappearance of ancestral characters that have been absent in intervening generations!  It also means the RETURNING OF AN ESTATE TO THE GRANTOR, OR HER SEEDS AFTER THE INTEREST GRANTED EXPIRES.  We must go left and turn back to our ancestor’s CHARACTERS!  “Character” is defined as traits, peculiarities, STATUS, and being IN ACCORD WITH ONE'S NATURE and disposition.  More importantly, “character” is a significant visual mark, or symbol; a letter of the alphabet; a symbol used in a writing system; a style of writing, or printing any symbol, number, or letter; a series of ones and zeros representing positive and negative impulses in a computer; to portray, engrave, or inscribe; also a graving tool and its mark!  This is key, because we are currently using the mark of those who oppress and oppose us.  The definition for “Satan” means opponent, enemy, and adversary.  Since the word Satan also means the beast, then we are using the mark of the beast.  This beast is NOT our feline Bast!

Realize that the style of writing used by our Ancestors is the REVERSE of today’s English style.  The enemy has us writing right handed in scores of lines from top left corner of a page to the right and down.  Our predecessors wrote in swirls from right to left and/or from the bottom right corner of a page to the left and up.  Prior to that they wrote in picture images and read it all as one view.  Returning to their style of writing and the symbols used in their writing system is a simple way to exercise the brain and exorcise the spell to free your mind.  This levitates (left–itates) the reprogramming of the computer inside your skull by creating (or closing) the bridge between the two hemispheres of your brain.  Using your left hand (or non dominant one) to write in reverse will rewire and refire the electrical impulse currents in your brain.

The bridging of the gap opens the portals and doorways that we need so our Ancestors can reconnect and get a swifter response to the perpetual flow of meaning and energy frequencies that radiate from them through the Antakarana/Antahkarana.  They are always calling to us, but too many of us are tuned in to the oppressor’s stupid god, church, and temple, channels of irreverence, blasphemy, and distraction, or one's individual link to the Ancient Ones is outright severed.  Once you start exercising your brain, you will exorcise and counter the spell enough to let our ancestral progenitors blow your mind portal open, pour in data, and unify the forgotten pieces of your essence in motion.  It is all still there inside of you and in the swirling aethers around you.

The opponent knows how brilliant and magnanimous your Ancestors (Ankh-esse-stors) were.  After all, though many of our Ancestor’s records were burned, others were kept for the opposition to decode.  Since you are a culmination of every single Ancestor that preceded you and then some, then you and they are One.  In other words, you ARE them.  Even though my people do not seem to know how marvelous, magnificent, and magnanimous, we are, one MUST understand, innerstand, overstand, and comprehend, that your oppressing opponents (and those that work to empower them) MOST CERTAINLY DO!  We have been asleep and dormant too long!  We must levitate and become quickened to modify everything now.  We manufactured this mess and we must level it.

Be Level and Calm,
Dr. Yaffa Bey
September 2003





Something Tangible: Moorish Latin

The Veil is lifting higher everyday. This is the Age of Information. Our Redemption is literally right at our fingertips. The truth that we are seeking exists within us. We as a whole are the Nucleus of this truth. We are the Rightful heirs of Dominions we read about.In the Spirit of we all have so much to say but what are we going to do about it. I present to you something Moor Tangible, Something we can use….

‘One cannot profess to know the law or any other subject in any given language unless they throughly comprehend that language’.


It is more than safe to say, that a Nation without it’s own Laws, Customs and Usage’s, this including of course, Tongue / Language, is a dead Nation; therefore, What is a Nation without it’s own Tongue ? Persons of Helotry and Peonage. Their ability of Self – National expression through Linguistic Tone, which compliments their unique special genetic and occult
composition, aiding in Hemispheric Brain Polarization; has not only been stifled, but a pathological stasis of their overall Cultural Maturation. The Scientific and Political Communities of other said Nations, having
some knowledge of this truth, respect not those People; down spiraling into this category.
Thus, in a few words we are able to comprehend the Primary importance of knowing one’s own National Tongue.
Prudent, Deliberative, Providential Investigation and Study have unveiled both the Science of Moorish – Latin’s Genesis and it’s piercing light into the nucleic stealth of the codified language known to us as English.

Contrary to popular belief, often based on misinformation Latin in General, and more specifically, Moorish – Latin is not Indo – European in origin, but is however of Moorish Origin, and is the tone of the Musselman. Hence, Moorish – Latin is by far the most sinewy Tongue there is. As muscular as the Musselmen themselves; that is, Inflexional. Inflexions are
those forms of adjectives, adverbs, nouns, pronouns and verbs ; that change according to the requirements of meaning ( relationship ) and grammar ( Casing ), and is the overall term for such changes, covering conjugations, which apply to verbs.

The Ancient or Golden Age Moorish – Latin over Ten Thousand years, for simplicity sake ; obviously long before it’s adoption and association with Caucasian Rome, as Rome itself was once known as Maur, thus the appellation Mauritania derived centuries later in the Poenicium ( Carthaginian, Punic ) era. In Truth, Moorish – Latin much like Arabic, which in
it’s purest form is Moorish – Latin; was and is the Tongue / Language of the Sagae et Sapientia ( Moabite Sorceress and Moorish Sages ) ; meaning : words or things of Art, known only to the Heirophant. She or He who are inheritors of the unmentionable, picture graphs. This is Largely the Reason Moorish – Latin was supposedly always, as it is now, considered to be a dead language, because it was never the language of daily intercourse for the Vulgus (Vulgar, Rabble, Plebicula, Unlettered, etc. ), it belongs to a period when script was not equipped with the helps which punctuation supplies. Books (Tomes ) were not written for rapid reading by a large reading public. There was a wide gap which separated the written from the spoken language of all Ancient Peoples. ( The Ancient Moorish Republic of Carthage which became
Tripoli and Tunis ). The Ancient Arabic Writings as was stated, is a form of Moorish – Latin being part of a pictograph.

In our search, we find that the root of Ara in Arabic = Astra = Âra – ae (pl) = Altar = Star Constellation, and bic = a form of writing = System of Symbols ( Notarum ) = Sign ( Mark ) of the Zodiac = In Code ( Codicis ) = Justinian –aneus ; ( not an individual; supposed Roman Ruler who during the mid –sixth century attempted to reunite the Byzantine Empire of the East with that of the West before ultimately falling to the Turks in 1453, after the capture of Constantinople. So the believed to be Law known as the Codes of Justinian, again is not an individual of Caucasian descent, but instead a Codex of the Most Ancient Graphs.
Thus : Justini / aenus ( adjectival Suffix, Masculine )
↓ ↓
Heir ← Right a
↓ ↓
Injusti um
↓ ↓
Jus Chiefly from a

Connected with the business of the forum = Town in Latinum – Ancient Moorish City of the Carthaginian Empire, of which
encompassed Cyrene. The Entire North-West Coast of Africa pressed between the Mediterranean and the Sandy Sahara Desert, Part of Spain, Sardinia, Corsica, Siciliy and most of Italy, all of which was lost during the three (3) Punic Wars with the exception of Mauritania.

Also, we see that long before the infamous Seven Hundred (700) year Moorish Rule in Spain beginning in the eighth century, their Carthaginian predecessors controlled more than three quarters of Spain, formerly known as Lati(n)um; where a succession of cataclysmic changes occurred within that Hemisphere and ultimately the world; as the Ancient Maurusium
synod elected to neuter and further codify the Latin, by Royal Order, and by logical sequence was in such a way that was not meant for outsiders, example : Latinum = num = numb ( Narcotize ), desensitize reproductive organ (neuter), Latinum then became Spain, suggesting that something went into stasis, inactivity. Spain = Nap’s = a Pause in Consciousness or Break in Continuity; and that something very painful occurred involving the RNA, DNA spiral of a
scavenger like species associated with Ital = Italy, having a tail, identifying with the buzzard like creature known as the Eagle. A species which is not, nor has ever been Native to that Region called Rome or America.

Hence : E.T. = Alien → Creature
that has a tail. ↓ ↓
IT Italian
↓ ↓
Thing Spine

Cocyx region later half of
Θ = L A T I N UM → render any seeker blind
↓ l Aa t I n um
Laid in; ← genetic trait ↓
Placed in some- nom = mythalogical creatures
thing. gnome genenom (E)

Now, let us ask ourselves an intelligent question based upon, not only common logic, but Linguistic and historic imperical evidence presented. If in Germany, the German People speak German, in China the Chinese People
speak Chinese, France French, England, English etc., then how can we stand in the mirror and convince ourselves based upon someone elses sick fantasy, that English is the True American Language ?. And Please do not tell me; that in Morocco for instance, that French, being the Political language of the government and Arabic being the so-called National language are inherent of the original people of that landmass – because thorough research will show and prove that those said
languages spoken throughout Morocco, as is the case of America and many other lands on this earth are as a result of a brutal and murderous European invasion.

It has already been established beyond all reasonable doubt, that English belongs to England. However, even if one wanted to justify the lie by saying that the European Settlers who came from England and Discovered
America; Stop!. Has not the European Himself admitted that the so-called English spoken in America is a Bastard dialect of the Authentic English, and to add is an Amalgamation of languages, therefore being unpure; which is to suggest what, about that which America has become, contrary to the Constitutional precepts of law, Divine in Nature ?. The fact that
most everyone in the name of Democracy are running around calling themselves American, still having yet to legally identify themselves, lawfully implies that the adjectival status of ‘Just American’ ( no Nationality to prefix or suffix the attributive adjective ), conjoined with a bastard language further proves the illegality of the so-called Americans and their believed to be American language, (English), is the foundation of the worlds greatest Hoax by/through an elaborate linguistic Cacophony of gibberish / Card tricks and slight of hand ; tragic enough to make the Angels
weep. So, now, will the real Americans please stand up ?; and for that part, once and for all confounded, ‘Speak American’!. Charles Mosley Bey himself, confirmed that prior to 1828 the European
Settler was only speaking dialects of the Native Moorish – Latin and Arabic Tongue here in the Americas ( Amexem ). Truth be told, the original Constitution of the United States was written in Vulgar Latin; being derived from the Moorish – Latin.

The language of the Constitution as I will now demonstrate is inconsistent with the grammatical rules of both
Moorish – Latin as well as the so-called English language of which the Constitution is supposedly written, according to the linguistic understanding of the general populace. If we examine the first and most famous line in the Preamble of the Constitution of the United States : “We the People of the United States”, it appears to be quite normal, and perhaps even
sound, however, a problem arises with the word ‘United’, which is being used adjectively in the term ‘United States’ in the English, and unfortunately is inaccurate because ( ed ) in English indicates Temporal State /Time. Therefore, meaning : I have, you have, he, she, it has ; We have or they have United, indicating past tense in English and Perfect Indicative
Active in Moorish – Latin, and therefore a Verb in both the English and Moorish – Latin. More specifically, a finite verb; Hence : ‘We the People of the United States’ is not We the People of the United States Adjectively, but instead, ‘We the People who have United the States’ – The States and Corporation belonging to the People, Contrary to what the legal document is suggesting. United is in the Indicative verb Mood :

Populī Civitas Consocīvimus → correct and proper order
↓ ↓ ↓ The subject and verb are the same in number and
Subject Object Verb ↓
↓ ↓ ↓ Subject governing verb
Nominative Accusative 1st Person Plural
↓ ↓ ↓
1st Person Accusative 1st Person Thus : the above correct and proper order
Plural ↓ Plural translates as; We the People who have United
the States.
This grammatical flaw becomes even more painfully apparent in the last
line of the Preamble : with the Term or Phrase ‘United States of
America’ :
A) The word America is not English in Origin
B) Is not a living being, therefore cannot possess in English.
C) The Genitive use exist only with Masculine and Feminine living beings.
D) The inanimate in Moorish – Latin can however, be Masculine and
Feminine; and can possess.
E) No such Anomoly as United States of America in the English’
F) No Feminine case endings for inamimate objects in English.
G) The Preposition (of) would suggest possession in both languages.
H) Subject and Verb (change ending of verb to indicate subject )
I) This means America is borrowed from another language
e.g. Reginā (f) – Queen


It is with this True comprehension that we must now say with an ardent conviction : that ‘One cannot profess to know the law or any other subject in any given language unless they throughly comprehend that language’. ~ Prince Khabir Uriel Bey